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This blog will cover theoretical aspects of algorithm design for large data processing. You can subscribe via RSS.

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It’s been an unusually challenging year for both sides of the TCS job market with some unexpected obstacles and delays. Apologies for putting up the spreadsheet later than usual and congrats to both sides in each converged process!

Here is a link to a crowdsourced spreadsheet created to collect information about theory jobs this year. I put in a biased pseudorandom seed, please help populate and share! Rules for the spreadsheet have been copied from previous years (with one substantial suggestion regarding senior hires based on one of my friends’ recommendation, see below) and all edits to the document are anonymized. Please, post a comment if you have any suggestions about the rules.

  • Separate sheets for faculty, industry and postdocs/visitors.
  • People should be connected to theoretical computer science, broadly defined.
  • Only add jobs that you are absolutely sure have been offered and accepted. This is not the place for speculation and rumors. New: Please, be particularly careful when adding senior hires (people who already have an academic or industrial job) -- end dates of their current positions might be still in the future.
  • You are welcome to add yourself, or people your department has hired.