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Apparently, it’s a busy life being an assistant prof so there were no posts here all year. However, while some of us are decompressing after the NeurIPS deadline, here is a link to a crowdsourced spreadsheet created to collect information about theory jobs this year. Congratulations to both job seekers and departments/labs who are done with their searches!

In the past my academic uncle Lance Fortnow set this spreadsheet up (check this link to his post from two years ago which also has links to all the previous years). This year the first entry is Lance himself who is moving back to Chicago to be the Dean of the College of Science at the Illinois Institute of Technology. Did Lance get the idea from his advisor Michael Sipser who is also a Dean of Science but at MIT? In any case, great to see theoretical computer scientists stepping up to be the deans of science, congratulations!

Rules about the spreadsheet have been copied from last years and all edits to the document are anonymized. Please, post a comment if you have any suggestions about the rules.

  • Separate sheets for faculty, industry and postdocs/visitors.
  • People should be connected to theoretical computer science, broadly defined.
  • Only add jobs that you are absolutely sure have been offered and accepted. This is not the place for speculation and rumors.
  • You are welcome to add yourself, or people your department has hired.

This document will continue to grow as more jobs settle.