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Grigory Yaroslavtsev

Assistant Professor of Computer Science, George Mason University.

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UPD: Lance created his Theory Jobs spreadsheet, I’ve moved all the information there and changed the link below to Lance’s spreadsheet.

Here is a link to a crowdsourced spreadsheet created by Lance Fortnow that collects information about theory jobs this year. Previously Lance set it up, but this year it is getting late in the year so I decided to go ahead and create one myself. In previous years the jobs post was up a few weeks back so I hope I am not jumping the gun here. Rules about the spreadsheet have been copied from Lance's last year post and all edits to the document are anonymized.

  • Separate sheets for faculty, industry and postdoc/visitors.
  • People should be connected to theoretical computer science, broadly defined.
  • Only add jobs that you are absolutely sure have been offered and accepted. This is not the place for speculation and rumors.
  • You are welcome to add yourself, or people your department has hired.

This document will continue to grow as more jobs settle.