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Grigory Yaroslavtsev

Assistant Professor of Computer Science, George Mason University.

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The decision to start a blog three months ago proved to be a lot more rewarding and time-consuming than I expected. Looking at the stats I was thrilled to find out that over its short lifespan this blog has reached 1650 cities in 99 countries. This is just a notch over than half of all countries in the world. Among my favorite places reached are Turks and Caicos Islands (overall population ~30 thousand people).

Happy 2015!

Looking forward into 2015 I am happy to announce that there will be at least two reasons to rejoice for those interested in sublinear algorithms for big data:

  • The second “Sublinear Algorithms and Big Data Day” will take place at MIT on April 10. Thanks to Gautam "G" Kamath who is in charge of local arrangements and to Costis Daskalakis and Piotr Indyk for their support! This event follows the first in this series, which I organized at Brown in 2014, and we really hope to keep this tradition for many years to come.
  • On August 27-28 DIMACS at Rutgers will host a workshop on massively parallel and sublinear algorithms. The organizers, including Muthu, Alex Andoni and myself, would like to thank the director of DIMACS Rebecca Wright for helping to make this happen. Note that this event will be immediately after RANDOM/APPROX 2015 at Princeton (August 24-26).
The details about both events + some more to come will appear on this blog later. Stay tuned and Happy 2015!