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Grigory Yaroslavtsev

Assistant Professor of Computer Science, George Mason University.

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The deadline for submissions to ESA’16 (24th European Symposium of Algorithms) is in 3 days. As a PC member I would like to encourage you to submit your work and also plug the event and its location.

This time the conference is a part of a broader symposium ALGO’16 which will take place in Aarhus, Denmark on August 22-26. In the spirit of colocation previously advocated on this blog this symposium brings together several conferences and workshops. Most relevant to this blog are ALGOCLOUD (a new workshop on algorthms for cloud computing) and MASSIVE (a workshop on algorithms for massive data). A nice feature of MASSIVE is that it doesn’t have published proceedings. This means that contributions to the workshop can be also published in other conferences.

Aarhus is definitely one of the most vibrant and forward-thinking centers for research in algorithms and theoretical computer science at large in Europe. I was very lucky to visit the Center for the Theory of Interactive Computation (CTIC) about 3 years ago. This Sino-Danish center is a great example of a collaboration between Tsinghua University (the leading computer science institution in China) and its Western partners.

I really enjoyed spending a week at CTIC hosted by Joshua and Kevin. Coincidentally a friendly soccer game between CTIC and MADALGO took place during my visit and I got drafted to play against algorithms folks. MADALGO is another joint center (with MIT and MPI) and these guys clearly knew a better algorithm for soccer than we did.


CTIC team: